Sometimes a “food addiction” or binge eating disorder develops when we binge. This means eating a lot in a short time or eating uncontrolled more than usual and in disproportionate amounts on a recurring basis. Also, those amounts are larger than most people would eat in a similar situation. Therefore, help for this eating disorder is necessary if you binge or eat uncontrollably on a regular basis for several months.



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When a person binges over and over again without control, they might feel like its normal and then being unable to eat less, they might feel unhappy about it. And you will say, who does not like to eat?

This addiction to food, most of the time triggers problems of depression, anxiety or other emotional symptoms, are the most common consequences.

Having an eating disorder is not a sign of weakness or a character defect, it can happen to anyone, at some point in our lives. We as psychology professionals, will be by your side to indicate the guidelines and ways to overcome this food addiction.

It is not necessary to keep it secret or deny the problem, the most important thing is to recognize it and face it, so that it does not make us feel bad and prevent health problems. In addition to helping you feel better about yourself and improve your quality of life.

With therapies for food addiction in our clinic in Seville, you will find a way to eat rationally and be able to control food impulses.

Symptoms of food addiction

Western culture has the habit of eating ad nauseam, we eat until we are full and we do not stop eating before we feel full.

This is a recommendation that we always give to our patients, but it is not always easy to comply with it, because of the cultural issue among other things, here most of us feel that we have eaten more than we should.

But it does not always mean that when you have that feeling of having eaten more than you should, it is a sign that your relationship with food is not entirely good.

If you have an eating disorder, you may have the following symptoms:

Psychological Treatment Against Food Addiction

At Ecological Efficiency, we help our patients with the problems that cause food addiction, through psychological treatment in our clinic in Seville.

We work with negative feelings about oneself and his body, in this way the person increases awareness about himself, thus being able to transform his beliefs, to adopt more coherent and adaptive ones.

Another aspect that Beatriz, our psychologist, works on is to increase control over the behaviors associated with food. By increasing the feeling of control, you will be able to decide what and how to eat your chosen foods.

In addition, we will get the person to focus on their interpersonal relationships, working like this, their social skills and assertiveness. You can transform the way you relate to yourself and other people around you, family, friends, colleagues, etc.

All these changes will be reflected in the way you eat and see food. We cannot forget about emotional management. Thanks to psychological therapy, the patient will be able to learn skills that will help them manage stress, recognize their emotions and manage them in an adaptive way.

All of this will reduce the desire to overeat and overcome that food addiction.