Child nutrition is of vital importance, because with it we seek to achieve optimal maturation development, establish healthy habits and prevent the appearance of nutritionally based diseases that affect adults, thereby trying to achieve the best quality of life and the greatest longevity.

Child nutrition is of vital importance,

The nutritional requirements vary according to the stage of growth in which the child is, so it is important to take it into account when organizing their diet, as well as the degree of physical activity they perform, which should increase with age.

This stage of life is when eating habits are created that will persist throughout life. That is why it is very important to establish them properly.

With the start of school, external agents appear that influence the feeding of children (other children at school who offer edible products, independence when accessing food, advertising of the food industry, etc.).

For this reason and to avoid eating disorders and incorrect nutrition it is important to have laid good foundations and eating habits since they are very small.

If your child has problems with eating, doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables, is overweight or obese, or has poor eating habits, now is the time to change.

Our Dietitian-Nutritionist, Natalia Moragues has extensive experience as a child nutritionist. She has been in charge of the Nutrition Unit of an important pediatric center for 5 years and also collaborates in the platform “Criar Con Sentido Común” as a Child Nutritionist.

If you want your child to be seen by a professional in this area you are in the right place.