How To Choose a Cooler For Your Floral Shop

To choose the best option in industrial cold rooms you should know and take into account the following tips:

Cold room size and motor power:

At the time of choosing, you should know what business volume you are going to have and how much air-conditioned space you will need. Keep in mind that the larger the space, the more power your refrigeration machine must have and the higher the energy consumption it will have. Be as realistic as possible with the space you will need. You can always expand your storage chamber.

Types of industrial cold rooms:

  • Fixed refrigeration chambers: It will be necessary to carry out work on your premises to build a fixed chamber with insulation. It is much more expensive and it is more difficult to expand.
  • Modular refrigeration chambers: These are chambers made of insulating panels. They are cheaper and very easy to assemble.

Types of refrigeration systems for conservation chambers:

To choose the appropriate equipment you will have to take into account the dimensions of the room, and where you can place the machine. The larger the chamber, the more power it will need to air-condition it. There are 2 types of systems:

1.      Monoblock:

These are compact machines that are located next to the cold room, without the need for a piping system.

There are two types:

Wall monoblock: It is placed on one of the sides of the chamber. Monoblock ceiling: It is located above the cold room.

2.      Split systems:

Machines are made up of 2 elements: The motor: which will generally be located outside the premises and the split or air distributor: it will be in charge of distributing and extracting the air from the chamber. It will be connected to the engine through a system of pipes.

Other things to keep in mind:

The modular and fixed cold rooms are easy to useThey have very intuitive temperature controls that will take up little time. You must take a good look at the insulation of the chamber that is of good quality and that the door closes hermetically. Have the chamber well-lit inside, as it will make your work easier.

You will need to monitor your entrances into the room, because every time you enter, the motor will turn on to maintain the temperature. With the chamber closed, the temperature is maintained for a long time with the engine stopped or working little.

Maintenance of the conservation chamber for florists

Cleaning and disinfection

To maintain the good health and quality of your flowers and plants, it is essential that you keep the cold room in optimal hygienic condition. Plant debris, sand, and other elements can cause fungi, bacteria, and microorganisms to proliferate without regular disinfection. Do not count that the low temperature kills them.

Steps to follow:

  • Take advantage of the moments when you have little or no product.
  • Sweep, brush and thoroughly scrub the floor, walls, and ceiling with soap and water.
  • Disinfect the site of possible fungi and bacteria with water, bleach, or related products.

To improve site hygiene, avoid leaving plant debris in or near the cold room.

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