Our Philosophy

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Today one of the main concerns of the human being is to feel good about himself and have good self-esteem, something that has a lot to do with the image we have of ourselves, that is, how we see or perceive our body.

The mass media play a key role in this, since, although sports practice is increasingly being promoted as a healthy habit, the thin body is also encouraged as a model image of well-being and personal success.

Being thin and feeling good about ourselves is a good thing, but it can become dangerous if we don’t have a good dietary education and don’t know the limits.

On the opposite side are the bad eating habits acquired since childhood and that encourage the consumption of fast foods, usually loaded with saturated fats, hydrogenated fats and sugars. These bad habits will condemn us to drag a “heavy” obesity for almost all our lives if we do not change them. Obesity can lead to serious health problems.

In short, good health will depend, among other things, on a healthy dietary habit, a good lifestyle habit in which we are active and mental well-being. That is, not to eat in excess or deficit, but consuming in a varied and balanced way what is necessary to provide our body with what it needs, performing a physical activity appropriate to our age and having good emotional control.

Ecological Efficiency- Biennial Fruits and Veggies is a medical center, made up of university health professionals, who work hand in hand to help you improve your quality of life.